Privacy policy

Your integrity is important to me. Read more below about how I handle personal data.


To send my newsletter to you, I need to store your name and email address. The lawful basis for this is consent. The data is stored by my newsletter service provider; MailerLite. They save not just your name and email address, but also data on which recipients have opened the letters and which links they have clicked on. Once a year I delete the subscribers who haven’t opened any of my newsletters during the past year. MailerLite stores your data on their servers (in the EU), but aside from that your data will not be shared with any other party, either by me or by MailerLite. Whenever you wish to end your subscription, you can do so by clicking the link to unsubscribe at the bottom of every newsletter.

Customer data

If you are my customer, I also process your personal data. In my bookkeeping and invoicing software FortNox, your name and address are saved. In the cloud service OneDrive (Microsoft) I save price quotations and contracts with names and in some cases address, email address and phone number. This means that FortNox and Microsoft store your data on their servers (in the EU). The lawful basis for this processing of customer data is contract for natural persons, legitimate interests for contact persons within organisations. The data is required for me to be able to fulfil my part of an agreement and to send invoices to my customers. I save the customer data as long as is required by law and to secure my rights according to our agreement.

Email and contact forms on my website

If you send me an email, the email and its content (and thereby also your name, your email address and other personal data included in the mail) is saved in my email client for as long as I find reasonable to be able to fulfil my relationship with you as my customer, supplier or other stakeholder. If you fill in the contact form on my website, your data is saved in the same way. The lawful basis for this is contract (if you are a natural person and we have an ongoing agreement) or legitimate interests (if you are employed by one of my customers or if I otherwise deem it to be of mutual interest that I save the correspondence). I avoid sending or saving sensitive personal data in emails. I delete irrelevant email regularly. You can contact me at any time and ask me to delete all saved correspondence from you. I will then delete all messages if there are no legal grounds or demands for saving them.


My website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that doesn’t include any personal data, and which is sent from my web server and stored on your computer. It doesn’t affect your computer in any way, and the reason I use cookies is to be able to track traffic to my website. If you don’t want to accept cookies, you can turn cookies off in the security settings in your browser.

No personal data is saved and no information is received from or shared with third parties.


On my blog at, readers can comment on my posts. If you do so, your email address, name, website (if you choose to provide one), the date and IP address are saved. This data is saved as long as the blog exists, and is stored on my web hotel Oderland’s server (in the EU). The lawful basis for this is legitimate interests; I want to give you as a reader of my blog the chance to comment and have a dialogue with me. You can contact me at any time and ask me to delete a comment you have written.

Your rights

Processing personal data always implies certain risks, e.g. unauthorised intrusion into the systems in which the data is stored. I do everything I can to protect your data, primarily by choosing professional and serious software and service providers, and by using password protection and antivirus software on my computer.

Your basic rights according to GDPR:

  • To receive an extract from my registers of the personal data I process relating to you, together with information about how I process it (providing that you can prove your identity).
  • To ask for correction or completion of the data I store about you.
  • To request that I delete the data I have about you, e.g. as mentioned above, by unsubscribing to my newsletter or requesting that I delete email conversations.
  • To complain to the proper authorities (in Sweden, Datainspektionen), if you consider my processing of your personal data to be illegal or incorrect.


If you have any questions about how I process your personal data, feel free to contact me:
+46 708-82 46 21