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Strengths-based/Appreciative leadership

Are you looking for an inspiring leadership talk? With a speaker who teaches you ideas, methods and practical tools, based on scientific resarch, in an entertaining, funny and engaging way?

Gunnel Ryner speaks about strengths-based/appreciative leadership; leadership that focuses on what works well, strengths and successes, and how we can do even more of what moves us in the right direction. Learn how you can create a workplace with proud, engaged and happy employees, who lift each other up and create extraordinary results.

Book Gunnel Ryner as a speaker for your next leadership programme or conference if you want to take you leadership to the next level!

Strengths-based leadership – how to bring out the best in your team

Most leaders working with development, regardless of context, use a problem-solving approach. They look for problems, errors and shortcomings and think that if we just fix what is bad, things will automatically become great. But that’s not the case – if we simply remove a problem, we will only get to OK, non-problem. And this isn’t development – it’s damage control.

Gunnel Ryner

Do you want real, positive and sustainable development? Do you want to create a workplace characterised by pride, happiness, engagement and creativity, where people perform at their best and reach exceptional results?

Gunnel Ryner gives you the tools you need to create a strengths-based company culture – a culture that will lead to business success.

The keynote is based on research in the fields of Positive Psychology and Positive Organisational Science, and on strengths-based approaches like Solution Focus and Appreciative Inqury (AI). AI is a method for developing individuals, teams and organisations based on what they already do right. By exploring what we do well, we can learn more about which behaviours and actions contribute to success, and create even more success. The keynote can be combined with an AI workshop, where you explore your own success stories and generate new ideas for an even better future.

Major topics covered:

  • Problem-based vs Strengths-based methods – suitable for different situations
  • The importance of positive communication to create successful teams
  • Flip problems to positive goals
  • Explore and learn from your successes, not just from your failures
  • Have an appreciative mindset – search for what’s right, not for what’s wrong
  • Build on and utilise individual strengths – strengths, not weaknesses, is what makes an individual successful

Happy customers

” Thank you so much for the fantastic contribution you made at the CIDESCO International´s Schools & Examiners meeting. I was most impressed by the way you referred to scientific research, motivated the audience and mixed it all with a great sense of humor. I knew you would do an outstanding job and you lived up to and exceeded our expectations! “

Anna-Cari Gund

President, Cidesco

” I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU for your fantastic keynote for us at The Body Shop! YOU were very appreciated and we have started a true positive revolution in my entire district! We have come into a marvellous FLOW which can be noted both among the employees but also in our numbers! Many thanks!!!”

Carina Rosenblad

District Sales Manager, The Body Shop

” Thank you for a truly amazing keynote! We have already started to implement your ideas in the organization. For instance, we had our best staff meeting in a long time this morning, when everyone started by sharing the positive things that happened last week. Your speech couldn’t have had better timing – many thanks!”

Ted Wallin

Business Director, Gambit

” Gunnel’s inspirational keynote is one of the best I have heard. Gunnel is down-to-earth, tasteful and personal and with lots of humour she delivers spot-on truths that landed very well in our organisation. In addition to giving inspiration and joyful laughter she also gave us some simple tools to apply in our everyday work life. We have started our positive revolution! “

Katarina Törnros

Regional Manager, LRF Konsult

” Gunnel Ryner is one of the best speakers we have hired for Kvalitetsmagasinet Live. By mixing theory and vivid examples, delivered with a great sense of humour, she helps everyone see how a positive approach can take your organization to a whole new level.”

Anna Nyström

Chief Editor, Kvalitetsmagasinet

” A huge THANK YOU for your incredibly energizing and positive keynote! It completely blew me away! So professional, so sweet, such an amazing talk! Your wonderful charisma and your positive message really gave me a huge energy boost. THANK YOU!!!. “

Sanna Thörnholm

Owner, Soliv Hälsoföretaget

” Thank you for an amazing keynote and workshop, you lifted the entire team and helped us shift our focus, from getting stuck in the negative to start thinking about what works well. Already on the following Monday, some members of our staff started to share positive experiences.”

Valentina Trpezanovska

Manager Område Varberg, Närsjukvården Halland

” Many thanks for a great speech that gave lots of wisdom and insights to the audience! Serious parts mixed with humour, delivered in such a masterful, light-hearted way. Focusing on the positive has definitely stuck with our entire team. A+ from us all!”

Sofia Sestorp

Business Manager, Kinda Ydre Sparbank

” A nuclear power plant should of course put effort into preventing and fixing deviations, but our processes can become even better if we also include our successes in our development work. Thank you for that insight, Gunnel – you were a true source of inspiration! “

Cecilia Lindmark

Safety Engineer, Forsmark Kraftgrupp AB

” The inspirational speech about Appreciative Leadership for our group of administrative managers was followed by a strengths-based workshop, where we explored our own good examples. A fantastic day with lots of new knowledge and the opportunity to practise and reflect. A HUGE THANK YOU, Gunnel for a CONTENT-RICH TALK and a VERY INSPIRING WORKSHOP!!!!! “

Anne-Li Silberk

Administrative Manager, Linköping University